Handmade Ceramic Creations for purchase

Danish Inspired Christmas Hearts


Approximately 12cm x 10cm

In classic red and white.  

Able to hold a gift card. 

$25 each (no tax) plus shipping.

Jul Cornet or Kraemmerhus


approximately 4cm x 12 cm

In classic red and white.

$15 each (no tax) plus shipping.

Christmas Nissa


These little fellows are approximately 6 cm to 8 cm tall. Each one has it's own unique "personality".

$40 each or $75 a pair (no tax) plus shipping.

Nissa Hats and Canadian Toques


4cm to 5cm each

Use as ornaments or small tokens for your Christmas guests.

In Christmas red and white.

Each slightly different.

5 for $25 (no tax) plus shipping

Decorate your table with succulents


The latest trend in tablescapes: succulents! A wonderful hostess gift or gifts for your guests at the end of the evening. Easy to care for but also available in "long living" ceramic faux sets (lower right).

Pots 10cm x 7 cm $30

Dishes 14cm x 4 cm $25

Set of three ceramic succulents $15

No tax, plus shipping. 

Live succulents plants are readily available, year round, at any garden centre.

Charcuterie Boards


Ontario maple finished with food grade butcher block oil inset with a ceramic dish. Ready for your meats, cheeses and accompanying condiments.

Each board is uniquely different and approximately 30 cm x 18 cm

Dishes in vintage yellow or brown approximately 8cm x 5 cm

$55 each (no tax) plus shipping

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